Kirstin McNeil with the My Family is So Scottish Book

Picture books are the first portals into a child’s imagination

Kirstin is a writer, publisher, innovation advisor, and mother of two. She loves to write stories that are joyful and fun to read. After realising how few picture books featured mixed heritage children like her own boys, she decided to write one inspired by them. Within six months, Kirstin was featured at Barnes Children's Literature Festival, and Waterstones stores.

With over 1,000 copies of her books sold nationwide, Kirstin is a breakthrough author with a colourful imagination that inspires and delights young readers

My proudest moments

  • Glasgow Subway with Councillor Stephen Dornan

    Commemorating 125 years of the Glasgow Subway

    Kirstin's latest book, My Family is So Scottish, is the official commemorative book for the Glasgow Subway's 125th anniversary. Along with her Scotland tour, this partnership was a wonderful opportunity to share her modern take on Scottish family life.

  • Kirstin McNeil at Barnes Literary Festival 2021

    Barnes Children's Literature Festival - Featured Author

    Kirstin is proud to have been featured at Barnes Festival in 2021, where she (and her ukulele) launched her first book, My Brother is a Vampire. She also volunteers every year to support their free schools programme which is the largest in the UK

A little bit about the books!

My Daddy's Scared of Beasties Cover

Daddy's scared of beasties

Daddy’s Scared of Beasties is an entertaining story about a dad’s fear of minibeasts (beasties) and has an overarching theme that it's OK for grown-ups to be scared of things too.

Full of hilarious and colourful illustrations, our big and burly ginger-bearded dad encounters different minibeasts, trying to hide his fear from his children, who don’t mind them at all.

Daddy’s Scared of Beasties is a story that breaks cultural stereotypes while celebrating diversity across families and in nature, featuring an LGBTQI+ mixed-race family and plenty of (not very scary) minibeasts.

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My Family is so Scottish Cover

My Family is So Scottish - Ages 5-7, KS1

Key Themes: Families, culture, traditions, siblings, pride.

Written in joyful rhyme, My Family is so Scottish includes over 40 references of Scottish traditions, words and food. Meet this very Scottish family through an inclusive and colourful representation of what it is to be Scottish.

My Brother is a Vampire

My Brother is a Vampire - Ages 3-6, EYFS

Key Themes: Siblings, Make-believe, Halloween, Family, Rhyming & repetition

A fun and memorable rhyming story (and song) about an older brother who is convinced that his younger brother is a vampire. Inspired by my own children, this light-hearted story shares how things aren't always as they seem. Coupled with an original song, your kids will love guessing whether their own siblings are vampires too.

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