Hi, I'm Kirstin, and I want to bring my joyful, inclusive, fun to read books to children and parents everywhere.

I’m a writer, innovation advisor, and mother of two. I have a notebook in every room of my house and in every bag so that I can capture each idea I come up with!

Kirstin McNeil at Barnes Literary Festival 2021

I've always loved writing stories and rhymes - often about friends and family members. Inspired by the enthusiasm of my eldest son, I started my publishing journey in 2021 with My Brother is a Vampire - a story that began as a joke reflecting on how similar toddlers are to vampires! 

Kirstin McNeil in a bookshop holding a copy of My Brother is a Vampire

When I’m not writing

You can find me exploring in South London, going to museums, playing my ukulele or building something out of Lego.

Through reading with my two boys I discovered how few books truly represent the diversity of people and cultures of the world we live in, and wanted to be part of a positive change in the publishing industry. I'm proud of the impact my books have made on my readers, and how much they are enjoyed by hundreds of children across the world.

I have another day job in innovation and experience management - connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more.

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