Why I recalled my books from Amazon…

Why I recalled my books from Amazon…

I know two things about myself from this week:

1) Boring emails bore me so much that I don’t read them properly; and

2) I know how to work a great situation out of a confusing one.

What’s this all about?


I accidentally told Amazon to send all the copies of My Brother is a Vampire back to me. Don’t ask me the whole story because I don’t even know. All I saw was a link in an email and an option to either pulp or to send back my precious books.

Of course I clicked the ‘send back’ button.

I’m not even that bothered about going back and re-reading the email because, actually it was a brilliant accident.

Firstly, I was running low on my own stock of My Brother is a Vampire - with only 33 left I wasn’t sure that would cut it for the upcoming Hallowe’en season.

Secondly, it gives me an excuse to send out free stuff with the books.

Every order of My Brother is a Vampire will come with badges, stickers and a bookmark for FREE!

Click here for the offer


My brother is a Vampire extras offer!
Get this merch for FREE with the book!

In other news I’m soon to reduce my hours in my other job. I’ve received approval for 4 days a week and am very excited about having ‘creative Fridays’ of writing, school visits and creating content.

I’ve got 2 books planned for 2023 plus I’m hoping to host some events for the UK indie author community. I’ll keep you updated with all of these things through my newsletter.

And Finally, another lovely review from a happy customer. You can review me on Goodreads, Waterstones, or this website.

“Lovely original item. Buying for all my friends!.” - Janet

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