Doing Authory things again

Doing Authory things again

If you have been following my journey since the beginning you’ll know about my love of “authory things”. These are all the things you imagine yourself doing all the time as an author that, in reality, you don’t get to do much at all because you’re editing, marketing and convincing people to buy your book!

Well last weekend was full of them…

Read to 180 pupils

… I read my book to 180 pupils at my son’s school

They were celebrating their rainbow day for Pride which made the day even more exciting!




Chaperone at Barnes literary festivalThen on Saturday I volunteered for Barnes’ Children’s Literature Festival.

I got to chaperone four lovely authors to their events, chat about their books and watch them all flourish doing their authory things on stage.



Laura Ellen Anderson

I was particularly excited to find that Laura Ellen Anderson and I shared hairstyles…





Rob Biddulph

…and to top it all off Rob Biddulph remembered me from last year and LOVED reading My Family is So Scottish





Not long to go now until I get to say my second book is out for general release. I’ve been aiming for the beginning of July for a very specific reason… all will be revealed soon!

For those of you who have ordered a copy, please send me a picture of you and your children with if if you don’t mind me sharing it on Social Media.

If you haven’t yet bought a copy, you can pre-order one here:

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